Thursday, March 5, 2015

River Attempt

So, try not to laugh at this first attempt at a river. All I had to use for water was white glue, and let me just tell you, it did not work. Not one bit! The glue did not dry fully clear. Some parts you can still see the white. So when I can, I will be stopping and picking up some appropriate materials to hopefully create a much better river scene! I didn't even bother to flock the one that I just did.

For the time being, enjoy my disaster :P


  1. I tried the same thing, with similar results. However, if you get some Future floor finish (basically very low viscosity, high gloss, clear acrylic) from the cleaning section of a supermarket or Home Depot, and paint it on, it will give it a very shiny finish. A few coats really does the trick (especially if you let it pool around things like the posts.

    You can also use it for making washes, though I moved on to matte medium since it was less shiny.

  2. The result is not so bad ! It's not so easy to do some terrain pieces! I've never tried to do water .....

  3. Hey for your first attempt at scenery going for a water scene it looks good! The great thing about the hobby is trying new things, learning from them, and trying again. Keep up the good work

  4. Ha ha! It's good to see you are trying this kind of effect so early on in your painting journey (it took me 15 years!). That's the strength in this community I think, you get to see so many techniques put to use. White glue/PVA will produce a good wet effect, but you need to build up the coats over a long period of time. On my gaming boards I did 7 thin coats over the period of a week, letting each one dry completely. Thankfully, the weather here in Australia helps with this kind of thing ;-)