Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Done with the Drummer

Finally done!! There is not really much different from my previous post. I simply touched up a few parts, highlighted a bit and added to the base. I never got around to actually watching the tutorials I had mentioned, but I plan to do that right after this post. Who knows, maybe I will post twice today with the tips I learn from the videos I watch.

If it is not obvious, I have no idea how to paint drums. They are definitely what I am most dissatisfied about this this orc. If you look at the images below, though, I do feel that I have gotten much better with shadowing and highlighting. If you look, you can see his skin and his pants have highlights, which I achieved with both painting and dry brushing.

His arm looks really
good in this picture
I am very happy with how the skull
turned out. I decided to dry brush with a
bone color after washing with sepia.

I'm glad I painted his head before
 I put his arms on or I would not have been
able to reach those small areas.

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