Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Second Try

After I gave up on my first Tyranid, I decided to try another, hoping he would turn out better. So far I do like him more than my first. That's what they always say, right? Practice makes perfect (or in my case, slightly better).

As you can see in these first three photos, I first put down a base coat, either white, black, or red depending on the area of the body. Then I washed it with sepia, applying liberal amounts to all of the skin. Then I used a blending technique I found on YouTube to create a semi-smooth transition from black to light green on the carapace. 

From there I added a bone color to the rest of his body in watered down strokes to decrease the visible lines of paint. I have learned that watering down your paint all the time helps keep the details looking sharp and lets the paint dry thin rather than it looking as though it were caked on. Obviously he is not yet finished, but so far I do like him more than my first.

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